Friday, 21 October 2011

The Yorkshire Patient

The Yorkshire Patient, originally uploaded by DrFireball.

Why are all my photoshoots on location freezing cold? I look at the likes of Drewshoots shooting models on beaches at sunset and feel there must be something Karmic afoot.

That said Fliss did a wonderfull job (as usual). This one was the last shot of the day as it started to rain and we needed to pack up quickly. Taken at Brimham Rocks (with permission! :-)) and this time sufficiently out of the wind that I could use a softbox - oh for an assisstant.

Lighting-wise this was pretty straightforward with the ranger providing key via a 100cm deep octa with both baffles and a single quadra with a full CTO cut to act as the search light.

The whole aim of the story telling to relate to the film the English Patient with Fliss playing the part of the wounded wife waiting to be rescued by Ralph Fiennes. With a little fashion edge.

Hope you like - more on my Flickr stream -

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Charlie, originally uploaded by DrFireball.

Fantastic opportunity to learn from the "Big Dog" himself, Mr Damian McGillycuddy. Without a doubt the best workshop I have been on and this was represented by the seriousness of the ability of the other photographers there.

This was taken using an interesting studio set up - namely a bare bulb El BXRi shooting through some toughspun attached to a man made "window" in the studio. Having intially taken shots using this as a key light we then moved on to adding a key with a beauty dish and feathering the light.

The biggest things I learnt included real attention to detail in posing the model so that her pose is believable in the context of the setting. I realise that thsi may sound self evident but real skill and thought are required.

The other great thing I learnt was odd fact that light coming towards the camera (from lights positioned as rim lights for example) are perceived as brighter by the eye than as measured by the light meter.

Lastly I saw the improtance of shooting with smaller apertures when using flash than I typically do.

All in all great and I am pleased that Damian has agreed to mentor me - onwards and upwards :-)

Til next time


Saturday, 1 October 2011


Tony, originally uploaded by DrFireball.

Got up early for this one - but almost not early enough. Used an app on the iphone to see when sunrise was but had not taken into account the walk out. Still pleased with the results and really digging environmental portraiture. Also got a number fo great shots with Tony hitting a berm and then a jump - more to come on Flickr.

Lighting wise I used a lastolite trisync with 2 580's - gelled with a 1/4 cto and a third for a touch of rim lighting camera left. All controlled with the flex pw's and an AC3.

Great setup - hope you like