Friday, 20 May 2011


Boxer, originally uploaded by DrFireball.

Great opportunity today to shoot the current welter weight tri service boxing champ. A true gentle giant.

Shot with an elinchrom ranger through the 135cm deep octa. I removed both inner and outer diffusers then put a silver deflector on to create a large beauty dish. This was then placed high above and looking straight down at Tam. Behind was a large mirror that then provided a touch of rim lighting.

Post production was in PS using a new trick I've discovered with unsharp mask then b&w conversion in SEP 2.

Reminds me of a certain famous shot of an Afghan woman in Nat Geographic but perhaps that's me being conceited!

As usual more on flickr.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, originally uploaded by DrFireball.

Looks sad I have been told - but far from the truth as I have finally gotten around to creating my website!

Have a look at and please let me know what you think.

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Sunday, 1 May 2011


Enlighment, originally uploaded by DrFireball.

Such a great shoot this - thought I'd share thoughts on another from the day :-)
Hired some kit from Provision in Leeds. They were incredibly helpful and I will definately be going back there again. I turned up on a Monday morning while they were preparing kit for shooting Emmerdale - I had to ask if there was a prize for being their smallest customer that day......

This shot similar to the previous one on my blog (but make sure you check out the one entitled "Leap of Faith" also) was shot using the El Octa hidden behind a pillar. This was almost the last shot of the day - time was running out as was the Ranger battery - great kit and I have not often had to change a battery during a shoot (only really when I am shooting on full power through the Octa.)

Post produciton was with Lightroom to do the raw conversion then I used a few of the Oneone plugins I have recently aquired - well they were massively reduced this month and I could not resist :-)

PP consisted of adding a little blue sky thinking through the window which was otherwise blown out and then working on overall tone and contrast.

I may very well use fractals to blow this one up large and print it.

Hope you like and all comments welcome.

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